would it be weird if i went alone?

is there anyone on tumblr following me (or who happens to see this) that is going and wants to become my friend? please?

2 years ago | 07:00pm
9 notes · #leakycon #plea for help
  1. lordoftheidiots answered: I went alone and it was still the highlight of my year. I met a few people the first day and hung out with them throughout the conference.
  2. steampunkglitterrockvampire answered: I went alone last year and I met people who are now my closest friends. I had more fun going alone than I would have going with friends.
  3. permets-tu answered: it’s not weird to go alone! i went alone last year and i’m going alone this year, and it’s actually a lot of fun. :)
  4. shellylynn answered: heyhihello! Im kindof going alone too. buuuuut im organizing a tumblr meetup the day before leakycon starts so YOU SHOULD COME! make new pals
  5. keithkurson answered: nope! I went alone last year and met like 48395794735 new friends.
  6. lynlikesthings answered: I’m going alone. Like I have no friends, and my mom is just a chaperone. But you’ll make friends.
  7. pollitobella answered: i went alone last year and made amazing friends in lines one of them is going to be my roomate this year!
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